Advanced Trends of Blueprinting

Technology keeps on changing with the passage of time. The technology, which was ruling the roost at a certain point of time, becomes obsolete in a different era. Everyone wants to develop with time and not to lag behind.

A Technological Upgrade

A huge technical advancement is to be seen in the world of engineering. In the past, this field was also dominated by manual works. All the engineering designs and blueprints were once made manually, with the help of pen and paper. Technology has improved heaps and bounces in the world of today and it is reflecting very well in the field of architectural engineering. Nowadays, with the click of a push button, designers and engineers can upload their information files to cyberspace printers economizing time, money and tussle.

The Trend of Today

Today’s architectural institutes, teach the students in hand blueprinting and Computer-Automated draftsmanship (CAD) as two alternatives for drawing blueprints. With a bit of knowledge, you will be able to arrive at your own blueprints.

Screening the History

Blueprinting is the method which was discovered in 1842. In this process, the drawing was copied, drawn on translucent paper, is placed against a paper sensitized with a mixture of ferric ammonium citrate and potassium ferricyanide. The sensitized paper was then exposed to light. Where the areas of the sensitized paper are not obscured by the drawing, the light makes the two chemicals react to form blue. The exposed paper is then washed in water. This produces a negative image, with the drawing appearing in white against a dark blue background.

The People Concerned

The responsibilities of engineers and architects overlap, more often than not. Both professions are integral to the design and construction of structures, such as buildings and bridges.

Architects design the space to meet client needs, as well as the aesthetic appearance of the inside and exterior of the building and the main responsibility of the engineers are to ensure the safety of the design and meet all appropriate building codes.

Engineers are much concerned with making the buildings safe and functional by selecting structural materials, determining the structural members of the design, and specify the electrical, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and plumbing systems. One way that engineers and architects communicate their ideas to each another is through blueprints, or technical drawings.

Blueprint Printers-The New Rage

Nowadays with the advent of technology, there are plenty of websites that will allow you to window shop and buy the best blueprint printers that you are looking for and that too at very affordable prices. It is always better to shop for blueprint printers online, rather than spending your time, energy and fuel and running around from one shop to another to shop the ideal machine that is in your mind. It is advisable that you go through plenty of popular websites that is dealing in such blueprint printers and make a through comparative study of the features of each machine, their functions as well as the prices you have to pay for these features and functions.

The Finishing Line

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