5 Mandates of Printing

If you run your own business, then you must be aware of the importance of marketing. You need to market your products and services properly in order to ensure high profit. In this era of globalization, the competition is high the importance of marketing has increased. The profits of a company are directly proportional to the marketing strategy of a company. You have to be innovative about your marketing strategies and should have fresh ideas in your kitty to attract the potential customers.

Based on your marketing quality customers will be attracted to your product and services and your business will flourish. Printing is a base for all the promotional crafts. This is the main reason, why everyone searches for print shops near me.

Setting up Realistic Deadlines

When, you are looking for an optimal result in the printing of our final arts, we must make sure that your work as good as seen on the computer screen looks as what is on the paper. Since finishing a large print project can take time, the best way to avoid getting stuck is to estimate in a realistic way the time that your project will take and add that into your scheduling efforts.  Most print shops deal with a variety of projects and cannot always start your project immediately. Therefore, if you plan realistic deadlines allowing enough time for your final project, your job will be able to be completed on time.

Use of High Resolution Files

Pixels on your computer screen can look very good, but then when the file is printed to a piece of paper you might not think it looks so great. Therefore, the best way to avoid problems and discrepancies in quality if you are working on a project is to use files with the highest possible resolution in your design program.

Proof-Reading is a Must

It seems obvious, but proofreading your work is still definitely worth mentioning here, as you don’t want to wait until you have already printed out 10,000 copies before you see a mistake. It is very important to double check the spelling of the whole text and especially your contact info (name, address, and phone number).

The 300 dpi factor

DPI means dots per inch. Most commercial printing machines will produce images at 300dpi. Thus, digital artwork that is less than 300 dpi will look blurred and pixilated after printing it. Consequently, many printing companies will reject artwork which isn’t supplied at 300 dpi.

The Testing Part

Printing a sample of your work before producing your entire run will help you to amend any issues, particularly with text, bleed area, colors, resolution and so on. It will also give you a feel for how the final product will look and if you want to change something you would still be on time.

The Final Touch -Up

Printing is essential for the preparation of various promotional and marketing tools. If you are an entrepreneur, who is looking to find a good printing solution for your business, you can always bank upon print shops in Seattle, to provide you the most competent quality at the best prices.

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