The Old never gets Old: Business Cards as a trend

The advanced technology allows you to beam information from one phone to another in a matter of seconds, but what are the chances of your potential client possessing the same compatible device? Here, you pull out the old-fashioned business card and hand it over to the client at ease. It’s that simple. The business cards printing services in Seattle provide a variety of custom made cards for you to explore and give an introduction to your company/business it deserves.

No matter how much technology outsmarts us, few irreplaceable things go on for years. Using a business card is nothing new; it is an appropriate old-school culture in any industry or business that is used as an introduction. If you’re wondering that you already own a Smartphone and a profile on LinkedIn, which is convenient for you to market your business, but would you still need a business card?

Spoiler Alert! Yes, you do need a business card –

Prevalence of Business Cards today

The First Impression: Creative business cards are like a window for your customers to peep into your company’s possible quality of products and services. A well thought out strategically designed business cards for targeted customers or clients will leave an everlasting impression. The weight of the paper, quality, and choosing to what extent information to display on the card describes who you are and what your business is about exactly.

Networking your brand: Clients identify services or a product by just looking at the logo. Business cards are an essential key in branding your company or business. A strategically designed card with elements like color, perfect amount of space, image, typeface, font, and an intriguing logo make your card referable. Mention a specific set of skills of yours or that of your business has, the extra bit of information provided will help you build clients, and the recipient can refer someone seeking for business assistance or a specific set of skills that matches yours.

Follow the Culture Appropriation: Just as we follow rituals because they are part of our culture and define who we are, the same goes out for business card rituals in some cultures. The way you would present your business card in the cultures of South Korea, Japan, and Hong Kong is judged very highly. The following is called “Business Card Etiquette.” As for America, the cards must be clean and sophisticated at presentation.

Easy Access: Business cards are so easy to carry around, for example, you’re at the airport, attending a conference or at a tradeshow and you happen to meet a potential client. Pull out your card and hand it over, so convenient. However, it might be surprising, but a lot of people don’t own a Smartphone, and few of them go days without carrying one. Especially in such circumstances, a business card comes in handy.

To summarize, the old fashioned piece of paper is still the fastest and easiest way to introduce your company or your business to potential clients. The significance of this piece of paper is far more significant for small businesses to remind people of their business and, therefore, to get business. Your phone may run out of battery, but a pocket full of business cards will definitely come handy.

To make this happen or give your old business card a makeover, the “Seattle design and print” does the magic. Hire competent business cards printing services in Seattle and give your company an introduction that it deserves. No matter the size of the company/business. Our professionals are here to ensure your project’s success by providing you a wide range of products and services in design and digital printing.

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