Promotional Products- Enhancing the Growth of Business

Promotional products have long been a cost effective marketing strategy tactic. Whether it is a big enterprise, medium, small business or even a start-up, every organization give these free giveaways to the people to promote their brand and increase the traffic. It is a proven fact that people are easily attracted towards free merchandises and since these have the logo of a particular brand or info about it, so they also create awareness about the brand amongst masses. Printed Tee’s are the most common products, used for merchandising and to get them, or any other product ready, design and printing services are the need of the hour for every entrepreneur.

Through the statistical Mirror

If we look through the statistical mirror, 8 out of 10 customers have 1 to 10 business products and 60% of the people keep them for up to 2 years. 3 out of 10 people have a promotional bag. It has been found that 89% people recall the advertiser, even after 2 years and 63% of people do away with promotional products, when they are not needed. These statistics strengthen the fact that most of the people like promotional products and thus dwell as perspective customers of a product or a service.

Effectiveness of Promotional Products

Low Cost but Wow Results

Big booming advertising is not the cup of tea for small and medium enterprises, but they also try to stride towards their goals by giving the promotional products. Although the cost of these products is not very high but the impact they have on the psyche of the people. There are many promotional products like mugs, T-Shirts, pens, diaries etc. According to a renowned survey website, mugs are the most likable promotional products, as 57% of people easily recall the advertisement on a mug.

Means of Instant recognition

When there is a branding of a particular brand on the free gifts it renders, people get curious to know about it, and most of the time, they keep the products for a long-time and every time they see that product, they will instantly think about your brand. So the lollipop of the free-gifts works very well in making a brand, favorite of the people.

Creating a Wider Exposure

A TV commercial or billboard advertisement passes through your eyes immediately in a few seconds. But, gift items are in use for most of the time and are in front of eyes. For example, the consumers will wear your gift of a trendy T-Shirt design for many days. Or, they will sip from your tea or coffee mug more often. Such freebies have a long-lasting impact on the people and are an excellent way for increasing the business exposure.

Enhances Loyalty of the Customers

Promotional products, help in marking the loyalty of the customers towards a brand because in-order to get the freebies, they will prefer your brand over the rest. One should ensure that the quality of the products as well- as the free gifts, should be premium because people associate high-quality, from a big brand. Offering gifts will leave a positive impression about your business on the first-time customers and they will think of having a long-term association with your brand.

The-Wrap Up

Promotional products can be considered as nitro-boosters for a business, because they persuade consumers to be associated with a particular your business or a brand in a cost-effective way. These complementary giveaways play on the psyche of the people and bring instant brand recognition. One can always, think about the further expansion of the reach of the products or services amongst a larger audience.

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