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The beginning of a new year is a very magical moment, as it signifies the start of something new. Changing the old calendars with the new ones is one such task that brings in the positive vibes. It is thus, one great opportunity for businesses to promote their work among the target audience.

New year calendar printing and distributing is one of the smartest ways to make sure your business or brand is seen by people each and every day. This is why many businesses today give away free calendars to their customers as it is one of the least expensive ways to advertise your company.

If you are considering how many people see your ad every day to the cost of calendar printing, and are planning to make a custom calendar for your business, dive into the basics mentioned below:

  • Wall Calendars

A wall calendar is used to display dates and related information, usually in a table format. They are bound with a wire at the top of the page with a hook that helps to hang them on a wall. They are available in 3 sizes – A3, A4 and A5.

  • Desk Calendars

As the name implies, these calendars are great for desks in the office (whether at work or at home). They are triangular shaped with a strong strut to keep them standing up on a desk. They are available in two sizes – A5 and DL (standard envelope size).

How Many Pages Are in a Calendar?

When it comes to the number of pages a wall or desk calendar will have depends on whether you choose double or single sided printing.

All of our calendars are 12-monthly calendars, so if you choose single sided, it will have 13 pages to design which includes a front cover and a page for each month.

While the double sided calendars will have 7 physical sheets of paper in total, which includes the front cover, a 12-month calendar view and a page for each month.

How To Make Your Calendars Standout?

When considered that how many people will see the ad every day, below are a few pointers that may help your design stand out and leave an impression on the customer’s mind:

  • Colors

Color selection should be soothing to eyes. The dates and/or the data should be clearly visible on the selected colors.

  • Layout

A calendar template should match up with the bleed lines, cutlines and safety lines. It should fit the printed size, and add the design for a drilled nail hole if the printed calendar will have one.

  • Paper

As the motive is to enable business to be viewed by the customers every day of the year, the calendar should be robust enough to withstand the stress of hanging from a nail for 365 days straight.

At Seattle Design and Print, our mission is to work with people to plan, produce and manage their visual communications, helping them to achieve their goals more confidently and effectively. Get in touch with our team for calendar printing Seattle and we’ll be happy to whip one across for you!

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