Do you want to make your business card? Here are A few tips before you get started!

Even in the digital age, the business card has a very important impact on your customers, partners, and prospects. It is, therefore, vital to know how to design and print your business card in the best conditions. And nothing can be better than relying on Seattle design firms to guide you. Here are some vital tips that will help you create a professional and impactful business card.

A few tips for a successful business card!

Are you about to start designing your company’s business cards? If so, here are some tips that will help you avoid mistakes and get quality business card templates:

1) Respect the format                            

By convention, a business card can be slipped into any cardholder or wallet. Therefore, if there is one criterion on which you cannot afford to be original, it is in the format!

The standard size of any business card will be 8.5 centimeters by 5.4 centimeters. You can be original by working on the vertical side of the card, and not horizontal, but never change the format for a business card printing in Seattle.

2) Write down useful information       

If a business card must be aesthetic, it is good not to forget its primary role! A business card’s role is to transmit the coordinates of a contact.

When designing your business card template, take the time to clearly define the contact details that seem important to you: surname, first name, function within the company, company logo, postal address, slogan, website, email address, etc.

The important thing will be to be effective but concise. A business card should contain useful contact information without being overloaded.

3) Take care of the visual

Naturally, the design of your business card should not be neglected. If it is important to go through a professional for the design of a business card, it is so that it gives off a serious and professional side.

Remember that your business card may be a prospect’s first contact with your business. If the visual of the latter is amateurish and sloppy, there is little chance that he will want to discover your website or pick up his phone to talk business!

A good business card:

  • Will have a visual adapted to your sector of activity
  • Will have an original visual
  • Will respect the graphic charter of your company
  • Give off a professional image

Avoid generic business cards designed on the internet at all costs. The idea is that your customers and prospects will remember you when they find your business card in their wallets. If they can’t even identify what your business does, they’re off to a bad start!

4) Mark the spirit

One last piece of advice, already partly mentioned in this article: be original and mark the spirit. The idea is that your business card can stand out… and in a good way!

Imagine a prospect walking out of a trade show or trade show with twenty business cards in his pocket. Those that catch his eye directly will be much more likely to mark it. This can go through an impacting visual, a shocking slogan, a harmonious layout, etc.

Who says original does not necessarily say overloaded or eccentric. Sometimes a minimalist business card will mark the mind much more than any other visual.

In conclusion

Creating an effective business card necessitates meticulous attention to detail. It is critical to balance visual appeal with important contact information. A professional and distinctive digital printing Seattle improves the image of your brand, leaving a lasting impression on potential clients and partners. So, design with care in order to leave a favorable and lasting impression.

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