Discussing Blueprinting as a Process

Blueprint can be termed as a technical way of showcasing the on-paper design of any conceptual work with concrete details that can be understood by the engineers, architects, and all the technical staff involved in the creation of a structural component.

This can be called as the lifeline of engineers and is used in almost all the engineering fields for explaining all the necessary details of the work, to be done. John Herschel introduced the concept of blueprinting in the year 1842. It is a detailed document, which is made for the understanding of different technicalities of any construction project. Architectural Blueprint posters give an idea about how a structure will look like and what will be its specifications.

Types of Architectural Drawings

Working Drawing Plans

These are the drawings depicting the floor plans from the top as well as define the location of the doors, windows, and other interior elements, including the furniture layout.

Elevation Drawings

These sorts of drawings define the exterior views of the buildings from either side and depict that how a building will look on completion from outside after the completion of the construction.

Structural Drawings

A structural engineer makes structural designs following architectural drawings assigned by the architect to define all the specifications of the reinforcements and other structural elements to ensure the maintenance of the required strength of the building structure.

Electrical Plans

The electrical plans prove helpful in defining the location of all the electrical appliances and the switches. They also help in defining the connections of internal wiring, which assists an electrician while laying out the wiring in different places.

Typical Construction Details

These are the most important set of drawings that are used on the construction s site as they define every minute construction detail, helping the contractor to regulate all the onsite construction work.

Why Blueprints are Important

When architecture is more focused on finishing the work quickly, they might neglect the detailed process of the project in the form of blueprints. In real terms, compromising on quality blueprinting might lead to a further delay in the completion of the construction process. There could be a significant increase in the estimated budget due to improper and incomplete instructions manifested by the construction drawings. The importance of blueprinting lies in the proper execution of the construction process. If these architectural blueprints render incomplete information, it might lead to a total sham in design execution.

Before handing over the blueprints to the site workmen, every drawing must be thoroughly checked and verified by the architect at work and the other technical people involved in the making of the respective drawings to prevent any further mishaps and delays on the construction site.

The Final Words

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